2nd District


3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 21

The town of Urbiztondo got its name from General Antonio de Urbiztondo y Villasis, a Spanish Governor in the Philippines at the time. He was famous for his conquest of Jolo in 1852. During his term, he issued a decree establishing the town as well as naming it Urbiztondo in his honor.

Urbiztondo was a visita of San Carlos until its separation in 1852. Notable figures such as Fr. Ramon Dalmau, the parish priest of San Carlos, spearheaded the efforts for a separate town. The Dominicans formed the vicarate of Urbiztondo in 1855 appointing Rev. Father Francisco Treserra, the man responsible for the relocation of the old town to now the current town proper.

Urbiztondo is part of the second congressional district bordering the city of San Carlos and the towns of Aguilar, Bayambang, Basista, and Mangatarem. It has a total land area of 8,180 hectares and a population of 55,557 people according to the 2020 census.

An agricultural town, Urbiztondo uses a significant portion of its land dedicated to farming, livestock, and poultry industry. Its main crop is palay, with more than half of its farmlands dedicated to farming rice. Corn is a distant second followed by, fruits, root crops, and coconut.


Modesto Operana

Vice Mayor
Volter Balolong

Mirla Balolong
Alexis De Vega
Pepito Calugay
Zanaida Espinosa
Renzie Dispo
Reynaldo Bautista
Dyna De Guzman
Joel Frias

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