2nd District


1st Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 33

The municipality of Binmaley got its name from the Pangasinan phrase “nanmaliw ya baley”, or a place that has been converted into a town since it is believed that the municipality was formerly a part of the town of Binalatongan, now known as San Carlos City.

Binmaley is part of the second congressional district of Pangasinan and is located only four kilometers away from the capital town of Lingayen. According to the 2020 census data, it has a land area of 11,850 hectares and a population of 86,881.

One of Binmaley’s famous events is the Sigay Festival, which celebrates the harvest season in Pangasinan. The festival showcases the town’s rich agricultural industry, with Bangus or milkfish aquaculture being a significant industry in the area. The mineral content in the fish ponds and river systems of Binmaley is believed to be responsible for the delectable taste of the Bangus, which is often dubbed the tastiest in the world.

In addition to its agricultural industry, Binmaley is also known for its woodworking industry, along with its neighboring town of Lingayen. Furniture shops can be found along the Lingayen-Binmaley Road, showcasing their unique techniques and craftsmanship.

Tourists visiting Binmaley can also visit the Binmaley Church, also known as the Our Lady of Purification Parish Church. It is a 396-year-old church located in the town proper and is one of the oldest churches in Pangasinan. The church is known for its intricate architecture and religious significance, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.


Pedro Merrera

Vice Mayor
Simplicio Rosario

Amelito Sison
Ariel Dela Concha
Jallen Alipio
Joel Jose Carrera
Rolando Ferrer
Urbano Delos Angeles
Gericho Francisco
Aurora Gene Cagaoan

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