Provincial Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Office


The Provincial Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Office (PHUDCO) is tasked to undertake and implement solutions to shelter-related problems, particularly to provide decent, affordable, and quality homes to homeless Pangasinanses and to promote urban development in the Province of Pangasinan.


Decent and affordable housing for every homeless Pangasinanse.


Provide for the development of viable housing communities in Pangasinan by providing decent and affordable housing units suitable for living in the environment and expanding economic opportunities for every homeless Pangasinanse.

About the Logo

The logo skillfully combines various elements to create a cohesive and meaningful representation of the core values and objectives. The central white icons are an amalgamation of human figures and houses, representing the commitment to providing housing for the citizens. Behind these figures, the blue icons depict buildings, showcasing the key theme of “urban development” and highlighting the importance of sustainable growth.

The red roof is also artistically designed to resemble an arrow pointing upward, symbolizing progress and the pursuit of a brighter future for the community. Furthermore, the people are depicted as climbing stairs, emphasizing the notion of personal and communal growth resulting from the government’s housing initiatives. This visually engaging logo effectively communicates the multifaceted goals and aspirations of the province.