Pangasinan Information and Media Relations Office

PIMRO Logo Final

The Provincial Information Office (PIO) is one of the key departments of the Local Government Unit of Pangasinan (LGU-Pangasinan). Spearheaded by ace-journalist, Mr. Dhobie P. de Guzman, the office has a total of 29  personnel in which one (1) is a co-terminus position while nine (9) are of permanent positions in which four are detailed to other offices, 15 casuals and four (4) job orders.

Its History

The PIO was only a section of the Planning and Development Staff (PDS), now Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) in the 80s, until it was created as a separate department in 1992 during the term of then Governor Aguedo F. Agbayani. The first-ever PIO chief assumed office in 1993.


To provide accurate and truthful information using modern tools and communication channels.

Strategic Direction

To reach wider audience and disseminate information to the public as fast and as accurate as possible by using modern technology.

Organizational Objective

To effectively use technology and embrace multi-platform journalism in disseminating relevant, timely and factual information promoting socio-economic growth of the community.

About the Logo

The logo signifies the essence of the Pangasinan Information & Media Relations Office, featuring a sleek outline of an eagle’s head at its core, flanked by two wings pointing upward, symbolizing the forward momentum of Pangasinan under Gov. Guico’s guidance.

At the center of the design is a triangular podium, representing the platform from which official press releases are delivered to the public. The backdrop showcases the outline of the Capitol building, embodying the essence of the province and the authority vested in its leadership.