Provincial Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Office

Organizational Chart

Key Personnel

Provincial Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Officer/ Engr. Alvin L. Bigay

Engr. Bigay serves as the chief implementing official of all government shelter/housing programs and related functions and activities in the province and oversees the operations of housing projects/programs in the Province to ensure that they are managed efficiently, effectively, and economically.

Planning, Design, and Programs Section Chief/ Engr. Paul B. Frias

Engr. Frias is in charge of the physical planning and physical surveys (land development and housing unit designs) and coordinates and supervises the formulation and development of housing projects/ programs in the province.

Shelter Planning and Programs Unit/Bernadette T. Ramirez

Ms. Ramirez is in charge of collating the needed information statistics, graphs, and other quantitative data from different offices necessary for the development of housing projects/ programs in the province. She also participates in developing project plans or programs whenever necessary.

Administrative Aide IV/ Rowell C. Sison

Mr. Sison is the CAD operator of the office. As CAD operator, he is in charge of plotting the technical description of properties where housing projects are located.

Administrative Aide/ Bernadette T. Torrente

Ms. Torrente prepares dwelling unit designs and subdivision plans, technical reports, conducts feasibility studies, and prepares scale models and dioramas.

Administrative Aide/ Engr. Kier Lorenz Fernandez

Mr. Fernandez documents the housing and land development projects of the province.

Housing Coordinators (JO) / Anthonette I. Aquino, Rodelio D. Gumapos, Ma. Luisa V. De Guzman, Bhea M. Ramos, Mark Kenneth M. Castillo, and Jimmy Lee B. Mamaril

They are responsible for coordinating with LGUs in updating the Local Shelter Plan and Local Housing Board. They are also responsible for community organization, preparation, coordination with LGUs, DHSUD, and housing agencies, and other government agencies.

Administrative Aide IV/ Flordeliza V. De Guzman

Ms. De Guzman assists in the encoding of a summary of reports that are submitted to the head of the Plans &Programs Section and keeps records of all reports and correspondences received and sent by the division/ section.

Administrative Aide / Sheinna B. Manipon

Ms. Manipon is in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of the office.

Administrative Aide/ Ferey Mariam S. Peralta

Ms. Peralta prepares payroll attachments, DTR, a program of works, attendance reports, leave records, and the 7s monitoring report. She also prepares and verifies the clearance for terminal leave of Provincial Government Employees and coordinates with different government agencies (NHA, PAG-IBIG, LRA, BIR, etc.)

Administrative Aide/ Roman P. Abalos

Mr. Abalos is in charge of monitoring the system for Information Technology Equipment/ facilities and conducts preventive maintenance. He also records and files the soft and hard copies of PHUDCO personnel documents and prepares documents for housing projects in the province.

Administrative Aide IV/ Anthony C. Rayos

Mr. Rayos serves as the liaison officer of the office and coordinates with other offices and departments