6th District


3rd Class Municipality

Number of Barangay: 21

The town of Tayug got its unique name from the Ilocano word “layug” as there was once a towering bacayao at the center of the town. The tree was so tall and imposing that the locals started to call it “layug”. As the locals struggle to pronounce the letter “L”, they decided to change it to the letter “T”. Hence, the town’s current name Tayug.

First formed as a town in the Province of Nueva Ecija on February 4, 1817, Tayug was ceded to Pangasinan in 1837 until it was again incorporated with Nueva Ecija in 1851. The town was finally ceded to Pangasinan for the last time in 1864 after decades of uncertainty.

Tayug is part of the sixth congressional district neighboring the towns of San Manuel and San Nicolas to the North, Natividad to the east, Asingan and Santa Maria to the west, and San Quintin to the south.

Tayug is an agricultural municipality producing commercial crops, livestock, and poultry.

The Tayug Eco Park, a popular destination among locals was founded in 2017. The town features a sunflower maze, considered to be the first of its kind in the country. Aside from sunflowers, the park features different varieties of flowers and vegetables that add to the unique ambiance of the place.


Tyrone Agabas

Vice Mayor
Lorna Tacdol

Maritess Aldoc
Michael Dy
Madilyn Ramirez
Magdalena Mangelen
Henry Wards Aquino
Noel Fernando Bince
Samuel Manzano
Clarissa Calimlim

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