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Lingayen is dubbed “the heart, the soul, and the face” of the Province of Pangasinan.

The municipality got its name from a certain corpulent tamarind tree that grew at the present town plaza.  The tree was exceptionally big, tall and spreading that the surrounding trees were just dwarfs in comparison.  Passersby developed the habit of  looking back and back again at this corpulent tree until it would vanish from their view.  When they arrived home and were asked what way they took in return, they would simply say through Lingayen meaning “looking back”.  Since then up to the present time, the town bears its name as “LINGAYEN.”

Lingayen is the home of the most delectable bagoong.  The theory of some makers is that the salinity of the air is a factor why fish fermenting is very ideal in Lingayen.

Today, Lingayen is considered one of the most beautiful place and most peaceful municipality of Pangasinan that made it worthy to be loved, looked back, patronized,  visited and revisited.



LAND AREA:    6,276 hectares

POPULATION:    103,278


CLASSIFICATION:    1st class

TOWN FIESTA:   Bagoong Festival / Lingayen Town Fiesta / January

PISTA’Y DAYAT:    Last week of April – May 1

INDUSTRIES:    bangus and aquaculture, bagoong/patis  making,nipa vinegar, nipa roof shingles making, furniture making, coconut midribs and buri crafts, rice

Lingayen Gulf Beach Club
Limahong Channel
MacArthur Landing Marker
Capitol Building,
Urduja House
Sison Auditorium
Epiphany of Our Lord’s Parish Church
Ramos Ancestral House/Museum
Lingayen View Park, Veterans Memorial Park
Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center
Plaza de Lingayen
Lingayen Airport
Epiphany of Our Lord Parish Church (1575)