Pangasinan Provincial Jail


Pangasinan Provincial Jail (PPJ) – a facility or a place of confinement for those Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) who are sentenced with a penalty from six (6) months and (1) one day to three (3) years imprisonment and a place of confinement for PDL coming from a city or municipalities within the province who are awaiting for judgement or undergoing trial.

It was reconstructed on 1934 with three (3) divisions namely: Custodial Services, Rehabilitation Services and Administrative Services.

a) Administrative: To assist employees achieve office goals and objectives through adequate and readily available administrative and support services.

1) Records and Personnel Services
2) Management Information Service
3) General Services

b) Custodial: To maintain jail security through the provision of effective and efficient jail management services.

1) Escorting
2) Security

c) Rehabilitation: To provide adequate security to inmates through effective and efficient Safeguard and Rehabilitation services.

1) Spiritual – Coordination with all religious sect for guidance and counseling services/ spiritual/ activities.

– To conduct religious activities/mass to all inmates in weekly basis

– To allow spouses/visitors/relatives of PDL twice a week for regular family and/or conjugal visitation.

– Conducting counseling among PDL by their respective counsel/lawyers

2) Livelihood – Coordination with other stakeholders for the conduct of Seminar/Training for livelihood programs/projects of the PDLs.

3) Physical Fitness and Sports Development – Coordination with PHO and other stakeholders for conduct of Medical/Dental Mission for PDL; and Initiate activities for the conduct of Sports Development among PDL.

– To conduct Medical/Dental Mission to all inmates in quarterly basis
– Zumba Activity (male and female)
– Basketball


To enhance public safety by providing quality jail management through efficient and humane safekeeping and rehabilitation of PDL.


Our mission is to have a dynamic and responsive institution which upholds professional jail services by providing PDLs’ welfare, development and reformation through effective safekeeping, control and rehabilitation.