Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office


PTCAO Programs, Projects, and Activities

1. Tourism Planning and Support Services

a. Tourism Planning and Policy
b. Tourism Product Development
c. Tourism Coordination and Partnership Building

2. Tourism Services and Promotions

a. Tourism Services Standards and Regulations Support
b. Tourism Manpower Development
c. Tourism Promotions

3. Cultural Affairs Services

a. Research and IEC Development
b. Special Assistance to Cultural Bearers and Workers
c. Management of Cultural Heritage Sites (Casa Real, Bengson-Yuson House)
d. Center for Pangasinan Studies
e. Special Projects and Initiatives

4. Tourist Assistance and MICE Services

a. Tourist Assistance Services
b. Events Management Services
c. Management of Event Facilities (Sison Auditorium, Pangasinan Training and Development Center I and II)

5. Administrative and General Services

a. Public Assistance Desk
b. Finance and Procurement Management
c. Personnel and Records Management
d. PTCAO Administration and General Services

Frontline Services Offered

The Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office offers various tourism services designed to assist Pangasinenses as well as local and domestic tourists to enjoy their visit to the province. Technical assistance and support services may also be availed by local government units and the private sector. This is in line with the provincial government’s thrust to raise the level of awareness and appreciation of Pangasinenses for their rich natural and cultural heritage and to promote Pangasinan tourism to local, domestic, and foreign tourists.

1. Reservation Services (Sison Auditorium and Pangasinan Training & Development Center) – This service aids clients who would like to use the Sison Auditorium and/or the Pangasinan Training and Development Center 1 and 2 for conferences, events, and other similar functions.

2. Photo and Video Shoot Permits (for Capitol Building, Sison Auditorium, Pangasinan Training and Development Center 1 and 2) – This service is for clients who would like to seek permission to use the above-mentioned facilities for photo and/or video shoots.

3. Capitol Tour Guiding Services – This service offers tour guiding services of a Department of Tourism (DOT) Accredited Tour Guide to clients who wish to see the historical and tourism sites around the Capitol Complex.

4. Provision of Tourism, Culture, and Arts Information/Data – This service provides clients with important tourism-related information such as tourist statistics, tourist resources, tourist product portfolio, tourism brochures, and other important information about Pangasinan culture and arts.