Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office

Organizational Chart


Divisions and Key Personnel of the Department

1. Tourism Planning and Product Development Division

Tourism Planning and Support Services involve the formulation and implementation of strategic plans and policies that guide sustainable tourism development and provide technical assistance to local government units while Tourism Product Development involves identifying and developing unique attractions, activities, and services that are aligned with the market demands and visitor preferences, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders by establishing partnerships with local communities, government agencies, and other relevant organizations to ensure a coordinated approach in tourism development.

Fyodor Edward N. Muego
Supervising Tourism Operations Officer,
Division Head – Tourism Planning and Product Development Division

2. Tourism Services and Promotions Division

This division is dedicated to enhancing the tourism services in the province by implementing programs that assist tourism businesses to operate at the highest level of quality and standards. The division implements training programs, workshops, and initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals working in the tourism sector. By nurturing a skilled workforce, they contribute to the growth and sustainability of the industry. This division also actively engages in marketing campaigns, tourism-related events, and initiatives to attract visitors and showcase the unique offerings of the province’s various destinations.

Monika Aliguas N. Labaupa
Tourism Operations Officer II,
Division Head – Tourism Services and Promotions Division

3. Cultural Affairs Division

The Cultural Affairs Division includes several initiatives and programs with the goal of preserving and promoting the province’s rich cultural history. To increase knowledge and comprehension of local heritage, the division oversees doing research and creating information, education, and communication (IEC) resources. Additionally, it offers Special Assistance to Cultural Bearers and Workers to acknowledge and encourage their contributions. The division likewise oversees the management and upkeep of provincial government-owned cultural heritage sites to ensure their preservation and public accessibility. The division also supervises the Center for Pangasinan Studies, which is dedicated to scholarly study and recording of the history, language, and customs of the province.

Christine Ann Margret Z. Calimlim
Project Development Officer II,
Division Head – Cultural Affairs Division

4. Tourist Assistance and MICE Services Division

The Tourist Assistance and MICE Services Division offers programs and services aimed at providing support to visitors, as well as to stakeholders in facilitating successful events in the province of Pangasinan. Under the Tourist Assistance Services, the division provides visitors with information on tourist attractions, transportation options, accommodation, and local customs. The division specializes in planning and executing a wide array of events, such as festivals, commemorative programs, conferences, exhibitions, and other corporate functions. Additionally, the program oversees the efficient management of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) facilities owned by the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.

Marco S. Sales
Market Specialist I
Division Head – Tourist Assistance and MICE Services Division

5. Museum Services Division

The Museum Services Division shall oversee the management and operations of the Pangasinan Provincial Museum housed at the Casa Real. It is responsible for the curatorial maintenance of the museum galleries and the conservation of museum objects thereat. The division also provides museum guiding services. Moreover, the division is also responsible in developing museum programs such as capacity development of museum staff, docent programs, museum shop development and management, and exhibits or extension programs relative to history, culture and the arts.

Nathaniel Joel M. Daroy
Culture and Arts Officer III
Division Head – Museum Services Division

6. Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for overseeing and coordinating various essential functions within PTCAO. This division is involved in Office & Personnel Management which involves managing administrative tasks, coordinating office operations, and overseeing personnel matters. It also ensures effective Records Management including the organization, storage, and retrieval of records in a systematic manner. The division handles General Services Management which entails managing facilities, equipment, supplies, and other general services necessary for smooth operations as well. Fiscal Management also falls under their scope, involving budgeting, financial planning, and monitoring to ensure efficient and responsible use of resources.

Nely R. Pioquinto
Administrative Officer III
Division Head – Administrative Services Division