Provincial Veterinary Office



Enforce all laws and regulations in all veterinary-related functions and quarantine activities toward a healthy animal populace by providing measures in the prevention and control of contagious and zoonotic diseases.


Pangasinan a healthy resilient with sustained socio-economic growth of livestock and poultry, harnessing profit and promoting goodwill to farmers.


We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of the livestock and poultry industry through good governance, delivering the best veterinary healthcare services for a healthy community with dynamism and innovation, to serve with integrity and honesty.

Key Responsibilities

  1. To deliver quality veterinary services for the control and prevention of economically significant and zoonotic diseases.
  2. Promote responsible pet ownership for a healthy community.
  3. Extend technical assistance to small-hold raisers for the increase income and animal population to their livestock and poultry raising.
  4. Proper regulation in the movement of animals and by-products to ensure food safety.
  5. Enforce all laws and guidelines in all veterinary quarantine activities
  6. Safeguard the livestock and poultry industry.
  7. Formulate policies and guidelines in providing farmers/raisers livelihood.