Provincial Engineering Office


The Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) headed by Engr. Amadeo B. Veras, is an executive department of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, established to lead and facilitate engineering initiatives, programs, and projects within the province’s jurisdiction.

Its History

The Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) of Pangasinan, Philippines, has a rich history dating back to the enactment of Republic Act No. 5185 (RA 5185) in 1967. RA 5185, also known as the “Decentralization Act of 1967,” was a landmark legislation that aimed to devolve certain powers and responsibilities from the national government to the local government units (LGUs).

The establishment of the Provincial Engineering Office of Pangasinan was a direct result of the devolution process brought about by RA 5185. The PEO was created as an executive department under the provincial government of Pangasinan, responsible for overseeing engineering initiatives, programs, and projects within the province.


The Provincial Engineering Office is mandated to be the implementing arm of the Provincial Government that is responsible in providing efficient and effective engineering services and solutions, anchored on professionalism, innovation, and public welfare, that contribute to the progress and development of Pangasinan.

Strategic Direction

Pangasinan is the home of adequate, quality and well-maintained infrastructure and facilities

Organizational Objective

To implement Quality Infrastructure projects responsive to the needs of Pangasinenses in consonance with the goals and objectives of the Provincial Government.