Provincial Assessment Office


The Provincial Assessment Office provides the following services:

I. Tax Declaration Transfer – existing tax declarations to be transferred to new owner of property for taxation purposes.

Requirements are:

a) 1 original copy and 1 photo copy of Deeds or any Deeds of Conveyance (with RD signature) or

b) 1 Certified and 1 photo copy of Certified True Copy of Deeds or any Deed of Conveyance from the Register of Deeds

c) 2 clear photo copies of the following (if applicable)

– Certificate of Title
– CAR (Certificate Authorizing Registration) from BIR
– Special Power of Attorney
– Deed of Partition/Confirmation or Agreement of Subdivision – Blueprint of Approved/Sketvh Plan
– Affidavit of Request or any Affidavit needed/required
– Publication
– Valid lD of owner/authorized representative

d) Present the following documents for verification of Officer-of the Day:

– Original Copy of CAR
– Original Official Receipt with Certification of Transfer Tax/Sales Tax from the Provincial Treasurer’s Office or if Certified Copy from Register of Deeds or Photo Copy- verification from the Provincial Treasurer’s Office is needed
– Original or clear photo coPy of Tax Clearance or latest RPT (Real Property Tax) receipt from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office

e) Assessment Fee per tax declaration

II. New Tax Declaration – declaring property (land) for the first time.

Requirements are:

a) 1 Original / Certified copy from CENRO/PENRO and 1 clear Photo copy of the following:

– certification from CENRo that the property is Alienable and Disposable and not part of a dried river or creek
– Blue Print copy of Sketch Plan
– Affidavit of Possession and Ownership
– Affidavit of Adioining Owners
– Barangay caPtain certification
– V-17 and Status- if property is identified with lot number
– lf property is covered by Private Survey of Undecreed property (PSU), status from Land Registration Authority
– lf the survey claimant stated in the v-37 is not the applicant, Affidavit of Disinterested Person that the survey claimant was eroneously indicated and that the true survey claimant of the property is the applicant
– Owner’s Affidavit of Request for lssuance of Tax Declaration
– Ocular lnspection Report from the MunicipaUOlC/tCO Assessor
– SPecial Power of Attorney
– Valid ID
– Assessment Fee per Tax Declaration

III. Certified PhotocoPy of Tax Declaration / Documents / Landholdings.

Requirements are:

– special Power of Attorney/ Authorization with lD specifying the purpose and relationship of the grantor to the declared owner
– Certification from Municipal Assessor
– Real Property Tax

IV. Verification Tax Declarations and documents

Requirements are:

– Special Power of Attorney/Authorization
– Copies of documents that needed verification
– Verification Fee

V. Verification/Certified Copy/Lot ldentification of Tax Maps/Tax Mapping Control Roll

Requirements are:

– Special Power of Attorney/Authorization
– Title
– Lot Number
– Tax Declaration
– Sketch Plan/Approved Plan
– V-37
– Latest Real Property Tax Receipt
– Certification/Verification Fee