Provincial Archives and Records Center


1. Storing and Digitization/Digitalization of Records

Records that could be turned over to the PARC

• Records indicated as permanent by the General Records Disposition Schedule (GRDS), promulgated by the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) and the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.
• Records that have reached its maturity retention period however, the source office/hospital believes that it has an archival value.
• Records of more than ten years, and by want of office space or the need for its safekeeping the host office/ hospital decides to move these to the PARC.

2. Records Disposal

The synchronized disposal of valueless records is held annually in the province. Witnesses are the official representatives from the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP), Commission on Audit (COA), Head, Provincial Archives and Records Center, NAP Official Buyer and the records officers/custodians of the concerned offices and hospitals.

• By Sale. The provincial government of Pangasinan sells its valueless records to the NAP Official Buyer.
• By Shredding/Vermi-Composting, instead of landfill. Consider as the best practice of the PARC, this practice shreds valueless records to be used as raw materials for compost fertilizers.

3. Provincial Records Review and Audit

• The PARC auditing team in coordination with the Provincial Records Management Improvement Committee (PRMIC) Records Officers/Custodians will review and audit the records holdings of all offices and hospitals in the provincial government to verify the implementation of records management in consonance with the RA 9470 or the National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007. Concerned offices and hospitals are provided with the copy of the findings of the said audit.

4. Disposal of Non-Records

• Provincial Offices and Hospitals may request the PARC for the shredding and disposal of their non-records which include but not limited to newspapers, scratch sheets, blank forms, convenience copies of files not circulated.

5. Seminars and Trainings

• The PARC may provide upon request on the provision of seminar, training to interested LGUs and public-private organizations subject to prescribed policies and procedures of the PARC.