Pangasinan Provincial Library


The Pangasinan Provincial Library was established in June 1924 right after the first public library in Manila was opened. It was located at the “Presidencia” of Lingayen.

After several years the Provincial Library was transferred near the Provincial Jail. The library was again relocated to the Capitol Compound at the Kalantiao Building, Sison Auditorium next, then to the Capitol Basement. Due to rains that caused flooding in the area, they decided to move the library to a safer place on the second floor of the Malong Building. In 2004, the library moved to the old Toyo Building.

After experiencing a gypsy-like existence for many years, the library now has its own building. It is located adjacent to the Sison Auditorium and the Capitol Resort Hotel. On June 20, 2020, a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Children’s Library and Information Center was held at the vacant lot on the rear side of the main library building. The building was inaugurated and blessed on September 15, 2021.

The Provincial Library is not only serving the capital town of Lingayen in circulation, reference, and research but the people of Pangasinan and outside of the province. Its clientele includes people from all walks of life, students, professionals, employees, children, the elderly, and out-of-school youths. Currently, it provides community outreach services to remote barangays, elementary and high schools. It assists in the establishment and reorganization of library corners for Local Government Units, and other institutions.

Aside from the awards and recognition received by the Library and its employees from the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, it also has several national awards to mention:

2012 – 3rd Place Outstanding Provincial Library of the Philippines

2013 – 4th Place Outstanding Children’s Library Services in the Philippines, Public Sector

2017 – 2nd Place Outstanding Public Libraries with Special Program on the Protection
and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage

2018 – Top 5 Most Diligent Affiliated Public Library for the Month of April 2018

Top Performing Provincial Library for the month of February, April, and May 2018

This year marks the 99th year of the Provincial Library’s existence and counting more fruitful years of public library service to the people.


As a public library, facilitate public access to resources in any format for the community.


Pangasinan Provincial Library, the center of quality information and sustainable services in a
welcoming-safe space to promote reading and historical facts of the province.


We commit to equally serve information to people with innovation and excellence through:

1. Collection, digitization, and preservation of Local History Collections.

2. Collaboration and establishment of reading and library corners for LGUs, NGOs, and other


The Provincial Library is responsible in:

1. Providing references and research services to scholars, researchers, and the general reading public

2. Collect, preserve, and conserve Filipiniana and Pangasinaniana materials.

3. Promoting educational knowledge through print, non-print, and e-resources.

4. Providing in-house and outreach community programs and activities.

5. Provide bibliographic access to the country’s information resources

6. Provide wholesome recreation and beneficial use of leisure time to our people.