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Pangasinan to supply Agricultural Grade Salt Fertilizer (AGSF) for PCA’s Coconut Fertilization Program

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan—Pangasinan is set to supply agricultural-grade salt to the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) through a resolution authored by SP Member Nicholai Jan Louie Q. Sison.

The resolution, approved during the regular session on May 20, 2024, authorizes the Governor to enter and sign a MOA with PCA for the supply, handling, transport, and delivery of 4,180 bags of Agricultural Grade Salt Fertilizer under the PCA’s Coconut Fertilization Project for CY 2024.

Bolinao Salt Farm has an available supply of approximately 3,000 metric tons of salt; hence, it can supply the required quantity of locally produced Agricultural Grade Salt Fertilizer for the PCA’s Coconut Fertilization Program.

The Coconut Fertilization Project (CFP) intends to enhance coconut productivity by involving the rehabilitation of low-bearing palms through the application of Agricultural Grade Salt Fertilizer (AGSF).

The salt project marked significant milestones in the province’s journey toward sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and economic revitalization.

Gov. Ramon V. Guico earlier said that the establishment of the Pangasinan Salt Center was in support of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s “Philippine Salt Industry Development Act,” which aims to strengthen and revitalize the salt industry in the Philippines.

“We need to drastically reduce our dependency on imported salt and produce 100% of our consumption needs. We must even think of becoming a net exporter of salt in the future,” the governor earlier said.

(Chona C. Bugayong/PIMRO)

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PHO warns public against leptospirosis

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN—The Provincial Health Office reported that cases of leptospirosis in Pangasinan from January 1, 2024, to July 8, 2024, decreased by 100 percent as compared to the same period in 2023.

This, according to PHO, is based on the consolidated reports of the Pangasinan provincial hospitals, Region 1 Medical Center (R1MC), and private hospitals.

As stated in the report, there were 10 reported cases and three deaths in 2023, while there were five recorded cases and two deaths as of July 8, 2024.

The 10 reported cases in 2023 were from Urdaneta City (2); Bani (1); Mangatarem (1); Mangaldan (1); and Sta. Barbara (1); Asingan (1); Manaoag (1); Sison (1); and Umingan (1). The five cases for 2024 are from Alaminos City (1); Bugallon (1); San Fabian (1); Basista (1); and Umingan (1).

On the other hand, recorded fatalities in 2023 were from Manaoag (1), Sison (1), and Umingan (1), while in 2024, the two reported deaths were from Basista (1) and Umingan (1).

The PHO warns the public to be very careful, especially during the onset of the rainy season when most areas are flooded.

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by bacteria that affects people and animals like rats, pigs, cows, and dogs. It is spread in the urine (pee) of infected animals. The risk often increases during floods when people come into contact with contaminated water or soil.

The most common ways to get infected are through urine or contaminated water getting into the eyes, nose, mouth, or even broken skin such as a cut or scratch.

Here are some precautionary measures to prevent leptospirosis at home:

1) avoid touching freshwater or soil that may be contaminated with animal urine;

2) Avoid touching objects that may be contaminated with animal urine, such as animal bedding.

3) Don’t wade, swim, or put your head in floodwaters or water from lakes, rivers, or swamps.

Prevention includes not walking barefoot and wearing protective clothing like gloves, closed shoes, or boots. Potentially contaminated water for drinking must be boiled or chemically treated. (Ruby F. Rayat/PIMRO)

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Dengue cases in Pangasinan down by 4%

Lingayen, Pangasinan—The Provincial Health Office (PHO) continues to intensify its monitoring and Information Education Campaign (IEC) against dengue to ensure public safety.

From January 1 to July 8, 2024, the PHO recorded 716 dengue cases. This is 4% lower compared to the 742 dengue cases recorded in the same period in 2023.

For 2024, Lingayen had the most recorded dengue cases at 155, followed by Bugallon with 50 and Mangatarem with 48, respectively.

Other municipalities and cities under the PHO watchlist include Binmaley (47); Urbiztondo (42); Labrador (39); San Carlos City (39); Calasiao (29); Bayambang (25); and Malasiqui (23).

PHO further recorded a total of five (5) dengue deaths this year in the towns of Sual (1), Mangatarem (2), Binmaley (1), and San Carlos City (1), while a single death was recorded in 2023 in the City of Alaminos.

Following the presence of dengue cases in the province, PHO headed by Dr. Anna de Guzman strictly imposed and called on the public to observe 4S Dengue preventive measures and strategies to combat dengue: search and destroy mosquito breeding grounds by eliminating stagnant water and their containers; use self-protection measures such as insect repellent and the wearing of long-sleeved shirts and long pants; seek early consultation with a doctor or health worker for any symptoms; and support fogging or spraying in local hotspots or outbreak areas.

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted to humans by the bite of Aedes aegypti species of mosquitoes.

While many dengue infections are asymptomatic or produce only mild illness, the virus can occasionally cause more severe cases and could also be fatal.

Symptoms seen in individuals afflicted with dengue are fever, muscle and joint pains, dizziness and vomiting, headaches, and skin rashes, among others. (Chona C. Bugayong/PIMRO)

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Pangasinan earmarks P16 million for anti-rabies vaccines

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN—Dr. Racquel S. Ogoy of the Provincial Hospital Management Services Office (PHMSO) reported during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan session on July 8 that the provincial government has earmarked funds amounting to P16 million for the purchase of anti-rabies vaccines.

On the other hand, Dr. Ana Maria Teresa de Guzman said the Provincial Health Office (PHO) allocated P1 million as a buffer fund for the same program.

Dr. De Guzman added that vaccines coming from the Department of Health (DOH) are coursed through the PHO and distributed to the 12 animal bite treatment centers that are located in the various government hospitals in Pangasinan. The DOH provided 10,376 vaccines in 2023, while 6,470 were given by the agency to the province during the first semi-annual period for 2024 (January to June).

The PHO Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit recorded nine deaths due to rabies as of July, which is 125% higher compared to the recorded cases in the same period last year (Jan. 1–July 8).

This prompted the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) to conduct an inquiry regarding the increase in rabies cases.

With Board Member Jerry Agerico Rosario as principal sponsor, the inquiry was anchored not only on the incidents of rabies but also on possible measures to address the said concern.

Board Members Rosario, Rosary Gracia P. Tababa, and Nicholi Jan Louie Sison encouraged all local government units to work hand-in-hand with the provincial government in addressing rabies cases in the province.

LGUs were also encouraged to come up with strategic plans such as the provision of dog pounds to enclose stray dogs in their locality and stricter laws for responsible pet ownership, among others.

Provincial Veterinarian Arcely G. Robeniol was also present in the inquiry, along with a representative from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation-Regional Office.

The Rabies Control Program will be a fully devolved program by 2025. This means that the program will be handed down to the LGU next year. (Ruby F. Rayat, Joey Olimpo/PIMRO)

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Pangasinan tourism campaign reaches Manhattan

The recent visit of Pangasinan delegates headed by Vice Gov. Mark Ronald DG. Lambino in New York City was a step forward towards a clearer roadmap for the tourism campaign through partnership opportunities to reach a wider range of audiences.

It was also an excellent venue for fostering stronger ties, camaraderie, and recognition of Pangasinan’s rich culture and heritage, which sparked a sense of pride and identity as Pangasinense and as Filipinos.

The success of further promoting Pangasinan to become a tourism destination of choice and a place for investors bespeaks the leaders of the province’s team efforts and initiatives.

This makes the dream of Gov. Ramon V. Guico III to put the province on the global map near realization.

The province’s ‘See Pangasinan’ booth at the Independence Day Street fair featured Pangasinan’s tourist destinations and products to the Filipino communities as well as to NYC tourists.

Following the recent success of the Manila Fame and International Food Expo (IFEX), the visit was a great opportunity to showcase the best of Pangasinan while exploring the province’s tourism and investment potential.

‘Nasasabik ako sa pagkakataon na kung saan ang lalawigan ng Pangasinan ay maaaring makipagsosyo sa Consulate General sa New York, gayun din ang Philippine Center ukol sa mga kaganapang pangkultura na maaring ganapin dito,” New York Deputy Consul General Adrian Elmer S. Cruz stated.

VG Lambino also grabbed the opportunity to thank the Deputy Consul General of New York and fellow Pangasinense, especially APAFI President Arman David, who joined them during the event.

“Tunay na isang karangalan para sa Provincial Government of Pangasinan na maging bahagi ng mga ganitong kaganapan na naglalayong mapatibay ang ating ugnayan sa mga kababayan nating naninirahan sa Estados Unidos at maisulong ang mayamang turismo, kultura, at sining ng minanahal nating probinsiya ng Pangasinan,” Lambino added.

Sangguniang Panlalawigan members and several department heads joined the Vice Governor.

(Chona C. Bugayong Pimro, Photos-PTCAO| PIMRO)

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Governor Guico: Malico belongs to Pangasinan

Lingayen, Pangasinan—Gov. Ramon V. Guico III stood firm that Malico belongs to Pangasinan and committed to allocate P200 million for its various projects.

“Huwag ninyong kukunin ang Malico sa Pangasinan. Malico is Pangasinan, not Nueva Vizcaya. Despite the territorial dispute, we have to insist that Pangasinan is ours. Bilang ama ng Pangasinan, kayo po dito sa Malico kahit 1364 ang barangay sa probinsiya, hindi naman kayo naiiba sa ibang barangay dahil special kayo. Pangasinan will never leave Malico,” the governor stressed in his speech during the Local Initiatives: Guidance and Assistance Program” (LINGAP ed Barangay).

Gov. Guico stated that he welcomes development projects that will be introduced by the other province. What matters, according to him, is the improvement of the lives of fellow Pangasinenses in Malico.

The governor earlier identified Malico as one of the five tourism focus areas to further improve the tourism industry in the province.

Governor Guico likewise committed to bring programs of the provincial government to Malico, such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

“Kung aagawin pa nila ang Malico,P200 million ulit,” he added.

Vice Governor Mark Ronald Lambino assured the support of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan through a resolution supporting all the projects of San Nicolas for Malico.

San Nicolas Mayor Alicia Primicias-Enriquez, together with Malico Punong Barangay Sandi Segundo, thanked the provincial government for bringing its services to their village through LINGAP ed Barangay.

(Chona C. Bugayong, with reports from Rich Majin|PIMRO)

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Malico: ‘Summer Capital of Pangasinan’

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN—Malico, a mountain village in San Nicolas town, has an estimated altitude of about 1,675 meters above sea level and a land area of 1,618 hectares. The awe-inspiring landscape and cool temperature give travelers the so-called breezing ‘Baguio feel.’

Rustic as it may be, Malico’s diverse history echoes tales of beauty and grandeur that add charm to the panoramic view of the place. With such magnificence of a luscious verdant site under the clear azure sky, the environs appeared like mesmerizing hues of light and shade from a distance.

Driving along Malico road evokes the reflection that it is a wonderful world. With all these testaments of exceptional beauty, Malico was declared by the Pangasinan Provincial Government and made official through an ordinance passed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) with Board Members Noel C. Bince and Salvador S. Perez, Jr. as main authors on March 20, 2023, as the “Summer Capital of Pangasinan.”

Provincial Ordinance No. 296-2023 states that “the area has been nurtured by Indigenous Peoples/Indigenous Cultural Communities (IPs/ICCs) at the heart of the Kalanguya Tribe Ancestral Domain since time immemorial.”

Said village is known for its zigzag Villa Verde trail, which was constructed during the Spanish era and is now being rehabilitated as the ‘Missing Gaps of Pangasinan-Nueva Vizcaya Road’ that will make the place accessible and convenient for travelers.

“The natural vicinity of stunted and slow-growing trees due to the cool year-round climate condition added to the beauty of the place that attracts both local and international tourists, especially during summertime,” the ordinance stated.

As such, the ordinance added that “the cold climate cocooned by Mother Nature, as cold as Baguio City, and the creeping clouds and gentle winds with fogs allow plants such as pitcher plants, endemic shrubs, and trees that do not survive in warm or hot places to thrive and produce temperate crops like strawberries and other upland vegetables in the province.”

In Section 2 of the Ordinance under the Declaration of Policy, it was disclosed that the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, in pursuance to Section 16 of the Local Government Code, shall adopt measures to promote and protect, within its respective territorial jurisdictions, the preservation and enrichment of culture, promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.

“It is the objective of the Provincial Government to declare Barangay Malico of San Nicolas, Pangasinan, as ‘Barangay Summer Capital of Pangasinan’ for the development of tourism and other socio-economic activity and facilities in the area,” the ordinance emphasized.

In his recent visit to Malico, together with Vice Governor Mark Ronald DG. Lambino and other provincial officials, Governor Ramon V. Guico III disclosed that the provincial government will earmark an amount of P200 million as a special fund exclusively for Malico to be utilized on various activities, including social and medical services for the residents.

“Ang Malico, hindi iiwanan ng Pangasinan yan…kahit ano pong mangyari.” This was the assurance made by the governor, further stating that more programs and projects will be brought to Malico in the offing, being the “Summer Capital of Pangasinan.”

(Ruby F. Rayat,Photo: Joey Olimpo| PIMRO)

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Lingap ed Barangay visits Malico

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN–“Ang Malico, hindi iiwanan ng Pangasinan yan…kahit ano pong mangyari.”

This was the assurance Governor Ramon V. Guico III made in his visit to the mountain village of San Nicolas on July 3.

Governor Guico and Vice Governor Mark Ronald DG. Lambino brought basic assistance closer to the people of Malico through ‘LINGAP (Local Initiatives: Guidance and Assistance Program) ed Barangay.’

“Itong LINGAP ed Barangay, pag-aaruga sa barangay ito,” Gov. Guico said. He likewise mentioned that the provincial government has another similar program called ‘Kumustahan: The Governor’s Visit,’ that also aims to establish closer ties to the grassroots.

Pledging more assistance to Malico, the governor cited that the provincial government will bring more equipment to the village, like a backhoe loader, to assist the residents in case of landslides.

Expressing full support for the welfare of the villagers, Gov. Guico said the provincial government will allocate an amount of P200 million exclusively for Malico to fund various activities, including social and medical services for the residents.

LINGAP ed Barangay, organized by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO), held its pilot opening in Brgy. Estanza, Lingayen, in June 2024. Said program involves free medical services, a feeding program, the distribution of books to children, a basic orientation on disaster preparedness, and an orientation on cooperative formulation, among others.

Based on the record, the total number of beneficiaries who benefited from various services is as follows: Barangay Malico (174); Barangay Sta. Rosa (29); and Barangay Sta. Fe (27). Family food packs numbering 178 were also distributed.

The Provincial Hospital Management Services (PHMSO) and the Provincial Health Office were responsible for providing beneficiaries’ medical care.

The breakdown of the tally for residents served includes the following: medical consultation: 144 (38 pedia; 103 medical); total patients served for laboratory: 63; total exam done: 164; urinalysis: 41; blood sugar: 51; uric acid: 26; hemoglobin: 44; cholesterol: 2; dental extraction: 42; ECG: 65; Operation Tuli: 12.

Some 23 children were given school supplies and gift packs under the ‘Pagbibigay ng Libro at Storytelling samga Bata activity initiated by the Pangasinan Provincial Library.

To transform the residents into self-sufficient members of society, the Provincial Population Cooperative and Livelihood Development Office (PPCLDO) conducted an orientation about cooperative formation. Lectures dealt with the requirements of cooperative formation, documentary requirements for Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) registration, and steps and processes in CDA registration.

Meanwhile, the Vice Governor assured the residents of Malico that the activity is just the start of the many projects that the provincial government intends to undertake.

Joining the governor and vice governor during the activity were Board Members Noel Bince and Salvador Perez, Jr., San Nicolas Mayor Alicia Primicias-Enriquez, along with Vice Mayor Alvin Bravo, Malico Punong Barangay Sandi Segundo, and Pangasinan PNP led by PCol. Jeff Fanged and some department heads of the Pangasinan Provincial Government, led by Provincial Administrator Melicio F. Patague II. (Ruby F. Rayat, Photos: JP De Vera, Joey Olimpo|PIMRO)

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NVPJ benchmarks Pangasinan Provincial Jail

Pangasinan Provincial Jail (PPJ) Chief Lovell U. Dalisay welcomed the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Jail (NVPJ) Team on their two-day benchmarking visit from June 29 to June 30.

Led by the NVPJ Warden and currently the National Vice President of the Provincial Warden Association of the Philippines (PWAP), Carmelo Andrada, the team chose to benchmark PPJ because of its significant achievements in rehabilitation programs for PDLs such as livelihood, skills development, and education, among others.

PPJ and NVPJ shared their respective best practices on the health, well-being, safety, and protection of PDLs.

The NVPJ lauded PPJ for its various best practices, apart from its recent declaration as a drug-free, cleared-controlled facility.

These best practices include increased food allowance for the PDLs (currently at P120.00/day); organic farming; the conduct of assessments and examinations for personnel about the rules, regulations, policies, and PAPs of the facility and the province; the formulation of a defense and fire plan; the conduct of a quarterly simulation exercise; and the quarterly conduct of medical and dental missions for PDLs and personnel.

The NVPJ also shared their commendable best practices, such as the established and functional health service section with a registered nurse on duty; computer sets (donated by the Department of Information and Communications Technology under their Tech4ed program) used for the E-Dalaw and Alternative Learning System for PDLs with elementary, junior high, and senior high school levels; and the practice of personnel and visitors taking home their trash.

The team likewise had a tour of the Provincial Capitol, the Pangasinan Polytechnic College (PPC), and the Banaan Pangasinan Provincial Museum, leaving the entire team in a state of awe.

Moreover, the PPJ team discussed and shared the various ongoing significant projects like the Pangasinan Link Expressway (PLEX), Reflective Pool, and Salt Farm, among others, that bespeak the kind of leadership under Gov. Ramon V. Guico III.

(Chona C. Bugayong, Orlan Llemos/PIMRO)

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Pangasinan Provincial Library marks 100th founding anniversary

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan—The Pangasinan Provincial Library marked its 100th Founding Anniversary through a series of activities and a Gala Night as its culminating activity, anchored on the theme ‘Pagpupugay at Pasasalamat,” at the Sison Auditorium on June 28.

Gov. Ramon V. Guico III, represented by Atty. Ronn Dale Castillo, Executive Assistant III, and Vice Governor Mark Ronald DG Lambino highlighted the importance of a library even in the digital age and new technologies.

Atty. Castillo said that Gov. Guico, as an educator himself, was shaped in libraries and loves learning.

‘Para kay Governor, sa library po natin makikita, matatagpuan hindi lamang po ang kasaysayan, records or memories of the past kundi, ng ating mga sarili. Doon po natin makikita ang ating mga sarili, doon po natin nakikita na lahat po tayo ay nais matuto, nais umunlad at nais mapabuti ang ating bayan,’Atty. Castillo added.

‘Importante po sa amin ni Gov. Guico yung tuluy-tuloyna pag improve ng sarili, ng society at mga kababayan, and this is where the libraries come into play. You are also a repository of the culture, history, and story of any local government units where you are residing,” Vice Governor Lambino said.

VG Lambino hailed and urged librarians to continue telling stories and to spread the history of their respective municipalities.

The 100th year of the Pangasinan Provincial Library is a testament to the commitment of the provincial government to preserving the history, story, and culture of the Province of Pangasinan, he further said.

PGADH/Provincial Librarian, Ma. Cyntia Encarnita F. Vila thanked leaders and individuals who sacrificed, supported, and served PPL for the past 100 years.

Gracing the occasion were NLP Director Cesar Gilbert Q. Adriano, officials of the provincial government, and Atty. Melanie Lambino, Department Heads and Chief of Hospitals headed by Provincial Administrator MelicioPatague II, Retired Librarians, DepEd, DICT, and DOST, among others. (Chona C. Bugayong, Ron Bince, Orlan Llemos, and JP De Vera/PIMRO)

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Pangasinan Migration and Development Council convenes anew

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan—Officers and members of the Pangasinan Migration and Development Council convened at the Multi-Purpose Hall, PESO Building, on June 26.

Atty. Ronn Dale B. Castillo, Executive Assistant III, presided over the 2nd Quarter Meeting and disclosed that Gov. Ramon V. Guico III sent assistance for the families of two Pangasinenses who both died in a fire in Kuwait.

The bodies of the victims, Jesus Lopez of Barangay Baracbac, Umingan, Pangasinan, and Engineer Edwin Petilla of Talogtog, Mangaldan, Pangasinan, arrived in the Philippines last week.

The immediate response from the governor bespeaks the governor’s love and support, especially for fellow Pangasinense who are in need.

‘Through this Council, sana maipakita natin sa ating mga kababayan kung gaano kagaling si Governor na mangasiwa, magmahal at magbigay ng tulong sa ating mga kababayang nangangailangan,’ Atty. Castillo said.

Pangasinan Provincial Employment Services Office Chief Richelle Raguindin thanked the attendees headed by Atty. Castillo and Atty. Verna Nava-Perez, SP Secretary.

She also identified the focus of concerns to be discussed during the meeting, including review and approval of the previous meeting minutes, Bolun Awards Criteria Updates, and Community Education Program on Safe Migration Updates, among others.

The body discussed the Bolun Awards’ different indicators, namely the introduction (executive summary, initiatives, accomplishments, and photo documentation); functional organization; financial housekeeping; the organization’s initiated PPAs for OFWs and their families; best practices; and bonus points.

The Bolun Awards is open to all OFW family associations organized by the Provincial Government of Pangasinan through the Pangasinan Migration and Development Council (PMDC).

Moreover, special awards for outstanding Migrant Desk Officers who have continuously provided outstanding support as advisers of the OFW Family Associations will also be given.

Also, said award celebrates the exemplary volunteer efforts of OFWs and Overseas Filipinos and their families in their communities.

Further, it recognizes the significant contributions of these associations in implementing various programs, projects, and activities of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.

Prizes and special prizes for the Bolun Awards were also discussed, among others.

(Chona C. Bugayong, Orlan Llemos/PIMRO)

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Pangasinan commits to pay 5% PhilHealth premium contributions of JOS,COS

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan—It was a big sigh of relief for the 2,415 Job Orders (JOs) and Contract of Service (COS) employees of the provincial government after Pangasinan Gov. Ramon V. Guico III and PhilHealth, represented by Regional Vice President, Region 1, Dennis B. Adre, signed the Group Enrollment Program (GEP) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the Ceremonial Hall, Urduja House, here.

With this, the five percent PhilHealth monthly premium deducted from the monthly salaries of JOs and COS employees will be shouldered by the provincial government.

PhilHealth RO1 VP Adre commended Pangasinan for being a trailblazer in the entire Philippines.

“Kasi karamihan po ng government employees in the entire country, ibinabawas lang sa mga empleyado nila ang payment of premiums. And talaga pong kakaiba ang probinsya ng Pangasinan dahil they have undertaken to pay the premiums of their JOs and COS,” Adre said.

Gov. Guico earlier said that his administration values and recognizes the unselfish efforts and sacrifices of the Capitol workforce, who paved the way for the countless accomplishments of the provincial government.

The move was a great way to help uplift the socio-economic status and well-being of employees and constituents as well.

‘Hopefully, tulad ng ginawa natin ngayon na nanguna tayo na nagsubsidized ng contribution, sana gawin din ng ibang probinsiya. Siyempre, you have to take care of your workers. Kapag hindi sila motivated e di buong organization niyo wala rin,’ the governor added.

Beyond medical and physical examinations, cash incentives to retirees and recognition of outstanding civil service heroes were provided by the present administration, benefiting Capitol workers.

Provincial Administrator Melicio F. Patague II said, “patunay ito na malaki ang pagpapahalaga ni Governor Guico sa kalusugan ng bawat kawani ng Pamahalaang Panlalawigan ng Pangasinan.”

(Chona C. Bugayong, PIMRO)