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VG Lambino focuses on commitment, dedication

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN― Vice Gov. Mark Ronald DG Lambino has instilled in the hearts of the six thousand workers of the provincial government the core value of commitment and dedication in today’s regular flag-raising ceremony held February 5 at the Capitol grounds, here.

The Vice Governor called on the public not to judge the Guico administration nor its leadership by the journey it’s taking but, rather, at the end of the destination.

To him, it is the deliverables that they have provided that matter.

“Our dedication to public service will be measured by the things that we have done for the province,” he said.

He cited education, transportation, the economy, and agriculture as among the commitments of the present administration to improve and better the lives of Pangasinenses.

From this perspective, VG Lambino said that over the past two years, they have delivered all their efforts towards achieving those commitments.

VG Lambino likewise urged everyone to stand by the oath to public service, to deliver what is good for the people, and to make the province of Pangasinan great once again.

This is the same thing that the Vice Governor wishes all the six thousand strong employees of the provincial government should see and expect from the Guico administration these past two years.

Recalling the past, he was asked why elected officials should be re-elected. He told the public that officials should be re-elected based on their commitment to the people that they seek to serve as well as their dedication to fulfilling that commitment and delivering on it until their term ends.

He also mentioned that he was asked why he should be re-elected.

“Don’t judge me by the journey we’re taking; judge me after three years of service. Kung ano po yung binitawang salita, husgaan ninyo ako kung ginawa ko talaga yun at tinapos ko,” he said.

(Chona C. Bugayong, Jairus Bien Sibayan/PIMRO)

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