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SP approves daily wage rate of newly-hired JOs & COS workers in PGP

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN—The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP), in its regular session on January 22, approved an ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance Prescribing the Daily Wage Rate of Newly-Hired Job Orders and Individual Contract of Service Workers in the Provincial Government of Pangasinan.”

Authored by SP Member Jerry Agerico B. Rosario, the ordinance stated that “Section 12 (3), Chapter 3, Title 1 (A), Book of the Administrative Code of 1987 provides that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) shall promulgate policies, standards, and guidelines for the Civil service and adopt plans and programs to promote economical, efficient, and effective personnel administration in the government.”

Furthermore, the ordinance disclosed that CSC Resolution No. 020709 provides guidelines regarding the hiring of contract of services and job orders entered by all branches, subdivisions, instrumentalities, and agencies of the government, including government-owned and controlled corporations with original charters.

“CSC-COA-DBM Joint Circular No. 01, S.2017, Subject: Rules and Regulations Governing Contract of Service and Job Order Workers in the Government; and COA-DBM Joint Circular No. 2, s.2020, Subject: Updated Rules and Regulations Governing Contract of Service (COS) and Job Order (JO) Workers in the Government provide the rules and regulations pertaining to the engagement and the payment of the services of COS and JO workers in the government,” the ordinance cited.

Hence, the daily wage rate for newly-hired job orders and Individual Contract of Service Employees under three different categories is as follows: support (encoder, utility worker, driver, etc.): PhP 590.91; skilled: PhP 800.62; and professional: PhP 850.15.

As defined in the ordinance, skilled workers are those whose function requires special skill, knowledge, or ability performed by an individual with a certificate issued by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Workers whose function falls under Support, on the other hand, include janitorial workers, security guards, data encoders, equipment and ground maintenance, and other services that support the day-to-day operation of the agency, hospital, office, or department.

Professional workers are those whose functions fall within the normal scope of duties and services performed by a professionally qualified individual properly registered in terms of the defined scope of practice of a professional regulatory law that governs such a profession.

Ms. Janet C. Asis, Human Resource Management Officer, said that the prescribed wage rate for the skilled worker is equivalent to that of a salary grade 3 employee, while the professional worker has the same rate as that with a salary grade 4.

Based on the ordinance, which takes effect upon its approval, the HRMO shall be responsible in determining the category of the JO and COS workers based on their job descriptions. (Ruby R. Bernardino/PIMRO)

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