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PPC hailed for offering microcredential course on Pangasinan studies

Lingayen, Pangasinan—Renato Navata, 73, an accomplished retired regional director of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR), believes learning is a lifelong journey.

When he heard about the Microcredential course on Pangasinan Studies offered by Pangasinan Polytechnic College Center for Lifelong Learning (PPC-CeLL), he was ecstatic.

“Makapaliket ya walay sakey ya unit ed provincial government ya akanonot ed saya. Say makapaliket ta walay balon pinundar nen Governor ya PPC. The credit goes to the governor and also to the management of PPC ya anonotan da ya,” former DAR Regional Director Navata said.

Secondly, he wants to inspire the younger generation to see the significance of Pangasinan studies, which would interest a person like him.

Navata added that it is the right time to re-awaken the people to the goodness of our province, especially at this time when many are focused on cell phones, social media, and technologies.

“He is a lifelong learner, so every time na meron siyang time mag-aral to keep his mind active and strong para hindi mag ulyanin, continues siyang nag-aaral. Yun talaga ang objective niya sa buhay. So itong opportunity na ito, grinab niya since retired na siya. At least ito, may interaction with others, like mind na intellectuals. After the seminar, parang ginanahan mag kwento at nagkaroon ng additional reasons for living,” his daughter disclosed.

As to the PPC being put up under the leadership of Gov. Ramon V. Guico III, Dir. Navata said, “It’s too early to come up with conclusive evidence. Kitang-kita na ang ebidensiya. Simula pa lang ay makakakita ka na ng magagandang senyales na maganda yong inisyatiba na ginawa niya.”

He likewise commended the resource speakers and added that Pangasinan Studies means inclusive.

The clarity of vision of the Pangasinan Polytechnic College Center for Lifelong Learning (PPC-CeLL) is vividly reflected in its various programs, which are vital and of significance, especially in the digital age.

Participated in by retirees, the academic community, and history enthusiasts, among others, the recent success of the Microcredential course on Pangasinan Studies was a show window of the institution’s initiatives to foster personal and collective growth through education that caters to all ages.

Former Director Navata had expressed strong interest in joining Day 2 and Day 3 activities of the PPC’s Microcredential course.

The course, which covered Pangasinan history, society, language, culture, heritage, and environment, was held at the PPC Building, Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center, on May 27.

The undertaking was aimed at locating Pangasinan Studies not only as a local study but as domain knowledge that engages in the regional, national, and global production of knowledge.

PPC-CeLL likewise hoped that it would translate into the economic progress and cultural development of the province and its people. (Chona C. Bugayong, Ron Bince/PIMRO)

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