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Pangasinan posts P28.5 M collection from quarry activities in 5 months

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN — The provincial government has collected from January 1 to May 31 this year more than P28.5 million in taxes and fees from quarry operations in the province.

The collection almost doubled the P15.52 million collected from January to December last year.

“I think this is because we have been more diligent and we are ow more strict in implementing the ordinances that we have passed early this year and late last year,” said Gov. Ramon “Mon-mon” Guico III.

The higher collection was also due to the increase in mineral extraction fees and the collection of administrative and road maintenance fees from quarry operators.

Last year, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan passed a provincial tax ordinance that amended the province’s Revenue Code and increased mineral extraction fees from P16 per cubic meter (cu.m.) to P50 per cu. m.

The ordinance also imposed administrative fees ranging from P50 per cu. m. to P250 per cu. m., depending on the volume of minerals loaded on the truck.

In addition, road maintenance fees ranging from P100 per cu. m. to P300 per cu. m. per truckload were collected, also depending on volume of minerals being hauled.

Under the ordinance, 40 percent of the taxes collected will go to the barangay where the resources were extracted, 30 percent will go to the town or city, and 30 percent to the province.

“You know, some entrepreneurs are using this new policy to double, triple, quadruple, or exponentially increase their profits (in selling sand and gravel) at the expense of the provincial government,” said Governor Guico.

But, the governor said that stakeholders should be aware that the increase in the sand and gravel that they buy should only be from P60 to P100 for every cu. m. “If you do the Math, we only raised P34 per cu. m. Then we added P250 for big trucks for road maintenance and another P250 for administrative fee. So, all in all, that’s P34 × 20 cu. m. for big trucks, and that’s P680 plus P250 administrative fee plus P250 road maintenance fee, it’s P1,180, right? Divided by 20, that’s P59. So, in one cu. m. of sand and gravel only P59 should be added,” Governor Guico said.

The governor had earlier warned quarry operators in the province that if they do not want to pay the new taxes and fees being imposed on quarrying activities, they cannot operate in the province.

“If you do not agree with the new fees and you keep on complaining, don’t quarry here in Pangasinan. Go to other provinces. And don’t destroy our roads, bridges, and mountains here in Pangasinan,” said Governor Guico.


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