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October 7, 2019

SWIFT RESPONSE ON ASF QUARANTINE. Governor Amado I. Espino III (upper left photo) convenes a meeting before leading a press conference (upper right photo) on September 28 at the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, where he urged the mayors, barangay captains and the people of Pangasinan to stay more vigilant in guarding all entry points in the province especially the barangay roads which are used by illegal hog traders to transport live swine sourced out from areas affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF). Following the 1-7-10 protocol of the Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Government of Pangasinan implemented the culling of affected hogs (lower left and right photos) in Barangay Baloling, Mapandan on September 30 to prevent the African Swine Fever to spread and infect more hogs outside the one-kilometer radius of the infected area. Suits, respiratory masks, and gloves were provided for the safety of the handlers. The swift response of the provincial government on ASF quarantine was commended by the Department of Agriculture. /PJES (Photos by EFQ).