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SP approves resolution endorsing permit to DOH for dialysis clinic & public health building at LDH

February 17, 2021

The Lingayen District Hospital (LDH) eyes to secure a permit from the Department of Health for the construction of two-storey Dialysis Clinic and Public Health Building.

The Pangasinan provincial board, during its regular physical session on February 15, passed Proposed Provincial Resolution No. 2128-2021 endorsing the application of permit of LDH for construction of health facilities.

The resolution, authored by Board Member Jeremy Agerico B. Rosario, states: “The Lingayen District Hospital intends to construct a two-storey dialysis clinic and public health building which is a great step in the quest to prolong and improve the quality of life of persons suffering from kidney problems through affordable cost.”

“In line with the main thrusts of the present administration to have a mass-based health care program to accommodate all people especially the less fortunate sector of society, there is a need to support the plan of the Lingayen District Hospital to provide a more sufficient and higher level of medical and health services to its patients by its construction of a two-storey dialysis clinic and public health building,” the resolution also reads.

Prior the issuance of license to construct, a provincial board resolution is required by DOH to facilitate the issuance of permit to construct a health facility, the resolution also noted.

The LDH, which is among the 14 provincial government-run hospitals, caters to patients from the different municipalities and other areas from nearby localities of the second district of Pangasinan.

/Shiella Mae C. De Guzman (Photo by Jin Perez)