A model planning office with competent and professional staff committed to provide excellent leadership in local development planning and coordination for an effective and speedy program/project implementation.


We will continue to be:

  • The catalyst of change by initiating synchronized, balanced, participatory and effective provincial development planning attuned to the fast changing environment, and ensure that plan implementation contributes to the goals of the Provincial Government;

  • The provider of timely, relevant and reliable data/information for plan development, policy formulation and program implementation , and responsive to the highest quality of service demanded by our clients.


  • Established in 1973 as the Provincial Development Staff (PDS) under the Office of the Governor in compliance with the requirements of PDAP/USAID assistance program.  Purpose is to provide planning and monitoring services especially for projects covered by PDAP/Province.

  • Assumed the named of the Office of the Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator in 1983 by virtue of the Local Government Code enacted by the Batasang Pambansa.

  • Separated from the Office of the Governor on January 1, 1990 through Resolution No. 50 as Approved by the Joint Commission on Local Government Personnel Administration.


The Office of the Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator commonly called as the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) serves as the technical arm of the Provincial Development Council (PDC) in the formulation of integrated economic, social, physical and other development plans.

  • Formulate integrated economic, social, physical and other development plans and policies for consideration of the Local Development Council (LDC);

  • Conduct continuing studies, and researchers necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation;

  • Integrate and coordinate all sectoral plans and studies undertaken by the different functional groups or agencies;

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects, activities in accordance with the approved development plans;

  • Analyze the income and expenditure patterns,  formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee of the LGU;

  • Perform such other functions and duties as may be prescribed by law or ordinance, among others:

*provide technical assistance to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in the review of Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUPs), Annual Investment Plans (AIPs), Annual Budgets of component LGUs and other development plans.

*provide technical assistance to component LGUs in the preparation of their CLUPs, CDPs, AIPS, and other development plans.

*serve as secretariat and/or member to the different Councils/Committees/Task Forces formed for the implementation of various projects.



      1. Provincial Land Use Committee (PLUC)

      2. Provincial Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) Committee

      3. Pangasinan Poverty Reduction Action Team (PPRAT)

      4. Provincial Local Planning and Expenditure Management (PLPEM) Core Team for the Preparation of the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP), Provincial Development Investment Program (PDIP) and Feasibility Studies

      5. Provincial Core Team in the Preparation of Disaster Risk Reduction – Climate Change Adaptation (DRR-CCA) Enhanced Provincial Development & Physical Framework Plan

      6. Public Finance Management (PFM) Team

      7. Multipartite Monitoring Team

      8. Provincial Project Monitoring Committee

      9. Phil. Rural Development Program (PRDP) Provincial Program Management & Implementing Unit (PPMIU)

      10. Provincial Task Force for the Search On “Most Statistically Developed LGU”

      11. Technical Working Group for the Implementation of Bayanihan for Development : Upscaling Reminttances for Development at the Local Level/Local Government Unit (URL) Project

      12. Provincial Therapeutic Committee

      13. Strategic Management Task Force

      14. Provincial Productivity & Quality Team (PPQT)

      15. Strategic Performance Management System & Adopting Its Performance Standards


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